As a Milestone of a MBHH, it ventured into the field of Facilities Management and MEP Maintenance in a country. The company was established at Qatar under the name of Business Loop Trading & Contracting and Services on 1st February 2017. Managerial staffs were having wide experience in the field of Facilities Management and MEP and were consistently focusing and studying on market requirements and subsequently launched its division at the right time.
Business Loop also proposed to focus on creating Environmental preservation awareness and Sustainability by actively coordinating with renowned personnel of the industry, councils, and Associations. Besides, Business Loop will be participating various events and workshops related to Waste Management, Sustainability, Environmental protection, Green Building and Quality FM management.
To our Management Business Loop employees are its major assets as they contribute to develop the organization to such level of growth. Business Loop will be providing in-house and external regular training for all its staff covering various topics such as Code of Ethics, Best Practices, CSR, HSE awareness, Facilities Management, IMS Audit, Environmental protection, Sustainability, Waste Management, Corporate Behavioral patterns and other on-the-job and Off-the-Job trainings etc., Besides our leaders are actively participating in various networking events, knowledge sharing programs, trade expos, external trainings to sustain our development and contribute towards technological innovation.
Business Loop is fully geared to undertake total Facilities Management Services including, comprehensive maintenance services including air-conditionings, electrical, electronics, cleaning, janitorial and security services etc. The company is also equipped to handle the Defective Liability Period (DLP) contracts, a stage prior to the specified FM contracts. Further, Business Loop is also capable to provide fit out works and Real Estate Management. Therefore, Business Loop is provided with the specialized team to act as a client representative during the DLP period for client’s benefit (Monitoring, Maintaining the Equipment in compliance with OMs, Warranties, Requirements, etc, attending main contractor’s meeting, Taking over process, etc) A Permanent work force for staff caters to the needs of the growing clientele. These highly skilled engineers and technicians are drawn from premier engineering and technical institutes and lend their expertise in the field of maintenance. An ongoing training program keeps the technicians up to date and aware of the innovations in the industry and strengthens their commitment towards excellence.


Our "Vision" is to be the superior in the Facilities management & MEP Maintenance to perform our duties with excellence that matches and surpasses our competitor’s performance. We will earn our customers’ enthusiasm through continuous improvement driven by the integrity, teamwork, and innovation.
We have derived a "Mission" definition for “Business Loop”, i.e., being Attentive with Determination and to sustain our team of Expertise to achieve our tasks most efficiently and effectively that might surpass even industry standards as we often Benchmark ourselves with our competitors. We strive to work according to our vision outlined by the management and to be a pioneer in the FM industry. Our core concept is to develop the team of experts with FM backgrounds who can dedicate themselves to serve the society.

Our Values are
  • To treat all our stakeholders with courtesy, dignity and respect
  • To be honest and have integrity
  • To create and develop sustainability in all our activities, policies and resources
  • To be accountable for all our actions and be a good service provider to all our clients
  • To create, promote and maintain safe and healthy environment throughout our process.


Business Loop is fully geared to under Facilities Management & MEP services for Industrial & Commercial buildings, hospitals, power stations and industries. The experience and knowledge of its resources over the years couples with the quality of its workmanship and the commitment of its employees, which would reflect it the requisite competence and the confidence to play a pivotal role in the engineering services industry. Business Loop would constantly engage in building the edifices towards this goal through professional management, technical expertise and the development of its people for achievement of excellence